'Sex is only necessary for the sex workers to survive', says Modi in a candle issue


Banglahunt Desk: An angry Tollywood actress Swastika Mukherjee (swastika mukherjee) in the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He raised Modi in favor of poor people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the countrymen to fight unitedly to overcome political contradiction in the fight against Corona. Earlier, the people thanked the staff of the emergency services at 5 pm in the afternoon of curfew, urging them to play 5-minute dishes, hours and so on.

Modi has again made an application. The Prime Minister appealed to the video message at 8am this morning on Sunday, April 7 at 8 pm for lighting the candles, lamps, flashlights or flash of mobile by lighting the house for 5 minutes. The Prime Minister has made it clear that everyone is on the side of the fight against Corona. The stars started tweeting after Modi's video chat. While many praised his plans fiercely, Swastika walked in the opposite direction. Taking a sharp look at the Prime Minister, she said, “The Prime Minister has called for the people of the country to come together and stay together in the dark.” But what category do these people fall into? Country? Countryman? How can those who have no minimum food, water, money, light a candle? Oh, sex is just what sex workers need to survive. '

Swastika added another tweet with it. Rinki, a resident of Sonagachi, writing about a photo there, has been taken out of their house in this lockdown. They are sleeping with their children on a 5-foot bench. Swastika then expressed her anger through another tweet.

Swastika is not alone, Bollywood actress Tapassi Pannu also commented on Modi's speech. In a tweet, he wrote, I got new work. Following his tweet, the discussion became a storm of criticism on social media.

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