Shabana Azmi came out in support of ‘The Kerala Story’, Kangana Ranaut said this about Aamir Khan’s film, know


Shabana Azmi came out in support of 'The Kerala Story', Kangana Ranaut said this about Aamir Khan's film, know

Kangana Ranaut – The Kerala StoryImage Credit source: Instagram

Kangana Ranaut On Shabana Azmi Tweet: These days directors in film corridors sudipto sen recently released movie The Kerala Story There is a lot of discussion going on. There is a controversy regarding the claims being made in the film. There is also a demand to ban the film. Amidst all this, veteran actress Shabana Azmi appeared in support of this film. He supported the film by tweeting, on which Kangana Ranaut’s reaction has come to the fore.

In her tweet, Shabana Azmi said that those who are demanding to ban The Kerala Story are as wrong as those who were demanding to ban Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chadha. He said that when the film has passed the Central Board of Film Certification, then no one has the right to become a constitution authority.

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What did Kangana say on Shabana Azmi’s tweet?

Now replying to this tweet of Shabana Azmi, Kangana Ranaut has also tweeted. Kangana has justified this point of Shabana Azmi, but the reference of Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chadha by Shabana has been told by Kangana as a mistake of fact.

Kangana said on Shabana Azmi’s tweet that your point is correct, but no one had demanded the ban of Lal Singh Chadha. People did not want to see that film for many reasons and the biggest reason was the remake of the film.

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The film is doing well at the box office

However, even before the release, The Kerala Story is facing controversies, but the film is getting tremendous response in the theatre. This film is performing well at the box office. On the first day, the film had earned more than 8 crores. At the same time, in three days, the film has earned 35.25 crores.

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