Shah Rukh Khan Manager: How much salary does Shah Rukh Khan pay to manager Pooja Dadlani? net worth will be shocked


Shah Rukh Khan Manager: मैनेजर पूजा ददलानी को कितनी सैलरी देते हैं शाहरुख खान? नेटवर्थ जान लगेगा झटका

Shah Rukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani Image Credit source: Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan Manager Pooja Dadlani Net Worth: When Shahrukh Khan son of Aryan Khan When he was involved in the drugs case, one name was in the limelight in those days. that was the name Pooja Dadlani Ka, who is the manager of Shah Rukh Khan. Since then, she remains in the limelight every day, she is often a part of the discussion.

Pooja Dadlani has been working with Shah Rukh Khan for the last 11 years. She joined King Khan in 2012, while since then she is continuously associated with him. In these years, Pooja has not only earned a lot of popularity, but she has also earned a lot of wealth. Today she is the owner of property worth crores.

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How much is Pooja Dadlani’s salary?

Pooja Dadlani is one of the highest paid managers of Bollywood. His salary is very strong. It is said in the reports that his one year salary is between 7 to 9 crores. There she lives a very luxurious life. On the other hand, if we talk about her net worth, then according to a report of the year 2021, she is the owner of property worth about 45 to 50 crores.

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Gauri Khan designed new house

In the beginning of the year 2023, Pooja shifted to a new house, which was designed by Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan. This information was given by Pooja herself while sharing a picture with Gauri on social media. Pooja is often seen with Shahrukh, as well as Pooja Dadlani has a good relationship with his family. He is very close to the Khan family and has good bonding with Gauri, Aryan, Suhana, Abram.

If we talk about Pooja Dadlani’s personal life, in the year 2018, she married a man named Hitesh Gurrani, who is a businessman. Both have a daughter too.

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