Shah Rukh Khan: Prayed, promised to attend daughter’s wedding, Shah Rukh fulfilled cancer patient fan’s last wish


Shah Rukh Khan: दुआ की, बेटी की शादी में आने का वादा भी किया, शाहरुख ने पूरी की कैंसर पेशेंट फैन की आखिरी ख्वाहिश

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Shah Rukh Khan Cancer Patient Fan: Shahrukh Khan Bollywood K is such an actor, whose fans are all over the world. His fans are always eager to get a glimpse of him. Recently 60 years old resident of West Bengal Shivani Chakraborty A woman named had expressed her desire to meet Shahrukh Khan.

Shivani is a cancer patient and she is in the last stage. She is a big fan of Shahrukh. He has seen all the films of King Khan and has also put up posters of his films in his room. Being in the last stage of cancer, when she came to know that she does not have much time now, she expressed her wish that she wanted to meet Shahrukh once. Now there is news that King Khan has fulfilled the wish of his fan. Although he could not meet, but he has spoken to him on video call.

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Shahrukh spoke for 40 minutes

It is being told that as soon as Shahrukh came to know about this fan, he made a video call and talked to him for 40 minutes. Significantly, Shivani had expressed her wish that she also wants to feed Shahrukh Bengali food made with her own hands. While talking to her, Shahrukh promised that he would eat her hand-made fish and simple food prepared by her at home.

According to a report in India Today, Shivani’s daughter told that Shahrukh prayed for her mother on the video call. Also promised that he would pray for his speedy recovery. Not only this, Shahrukh also promised his fan that he would come to his daughter’s wedding and eat fish curry there.

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Shahrukh won the hearts of fans

A picture has also been shared on Twitter by a fan page of Shah Rukh Khan, which is being told during the video call. As soon as this news surfaced on social media that Shahrukh has talked to him, the fans are not tired of praising King Khan. This style of King Khan is very much liked by his fans.

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