‘Shah Rukh Khan was called to Delhi and Sameer Wankhede was framed’, claims Sam D’Souza


आर्यन को जेल में मत डालो, टूट जाएगा- सामने आई वानखेड़े-शाहरुख की चैट

Revelations happening in Aryan Khan case

Sam D’Souza Petition in Bombay HC: Aryan Khan Case Key witness in Sanvil alias Sam D’souza has made several sensational revelations in his petition filed in the Bombay High Court on Friday (May 26). Sam Claims Superstar Shahrukh Khan On 7 November 2021, went to Delhi and met the Special Inquiry Team of NCB. Only after this the conspiracy to implicate Sameer Wankhede in this case started. Sam has claimed that his friend Vijay Pratap Singh is the witness of this meeting.

Sam D’Souza claims that after this a conspiracy was hatched to implicate Sameer Wankhede in the case of demanding a bribe of 25 crores from Shahrukh Khan. Sam claims that he was pressurized to change his statement and say that he is involved in the case of demanding bribe to release Aryan Khan at the behest of KP Gosavi and Sameer Wankhede. Although Sam D’Souza says that he refused to come under pressure.

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Sam claims, the then NCB Dnyaneshwar Singh demanded a bribe of Rs 15 lakh

Sam D’Souza has made another sensational allegation against the then NCB Deputy Director Dnyaneshwar Singh, who is probing Sameer Wankhede. Sam D’Souza has said that a bribe of Rs 15 lakh was demanded to remove his name from the Aryan case. Sam claims that he had delivered Rs 9 lakh to Dnyaneshwar Singh through hawala.

Who is Sanville aka Sam D’Souza?

Sam D’Souza is the person who informed the NCB officials on October 1, 2021 that a drugs party is going to be held in Cordelia Cruise going from Mumbai to Goa, in which many eminent people are participating. NCB officials then told Sam that he also had some inputs, can he share some specific information? Then Sam D’Souza had sent some photographs related to the activities of the cruise. After this, on October 2, the team of Sameer Wankhede, the then Zonal Director of NCB Mumbai, raided Cordelia Cruise and arrested 20 people including Aryan Khan in the drugs case.

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Bombay High Court refuses to grant interim protection to Sam D’Souza

For the time being, tell that the Bombay High Court has refused to give interim protection to Sam D’Souza from arrest or any other coercive action till the matter is decided. D’Souza had filed a petition seeking quashing of the case against him. But justice The Holiday Bench of Abhay Ahuja and MS Sathe refused to grant any relief to D’Souza.

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