Shah Rukh or Ayushman? The series director himself chose 'Professor' for the Indian 'Money Highest'


BanglaHunt Desk: The popularity of the Spanish web series Money Heist is on the rise. But from the beginning, but so much about the series Matamati Didn't. Later on Netflix Streaming The popularity of this series peaked from the beginning. At the same time, there is a lot of speculation as to which Indian actors have similarities with the characters in the series or who will play which character if the series has an Indian version.
This time, Alex Rodrigo, the director of MoneyHist himself, selected his favorite characters for the Indian version. In a recent interview with a YouTube channel, Rodrigo was shown pictures of several Indian actors and asked which actor he would choose for which character in MoneyHist.

In the north, director Shah Rukh Khan was chosen for the role of Berlin and Ayushman Khurana was chosen for the role of professor. Rodrigo said the election was not an easy one for him. However, he did not make this decision after seeing the performance of the actors. Rather, he took a look at their look.
According to the director, Ayushman's style of wearing glasses, the movement is quite similar to that of a professor. The actor recently shared a video on his Insta Handle expressing his love for MoneyHist and requesting the directors to cast him in a character.

Incidentally, when Rodrigo was shown pictures of Indian actors, he first liked Vijay as a professor and Shah Rukh as a character in Berlin. He also said that he would like Ranbir Singh to play the role of Denver.
Rodrigo also thanked the Indian fans for the popularity of the series. Earlier in the series, Indian actor Ajay Jethi said that Ayushman Khurana is definitely a good choice for the role of Professor. But Irrfan Khan used to take this character to different heights.