‘Shahid Afridi is greedy, shameless, dishonest! He doesn't know the history of Kashmir, he should die. '


This time, a high-ranking official of Pakistan himself insulted Shahid Afridi. A few days ago, former cricketer Shahid Afridi came to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and taunted the Prime Minister of India, Hon'ble Shri Narendra Modi, using vulgar language. At the same time, he incited the people of Kashmir to make various provocative remarks against India. There was no less controversy about that. This time, Arif Azakia, the former mayor of Karachi and the head of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, took Shahid Afridi by the hand.

“Afridi is a shameless dishonest man,” Arif Azakia said sarcastically to Shahid Afridi. For the sake of interest only Indian cricketers go back and forth. Afridi went to India to earn money and played in the IPL. Again, it is India that is being discredited by standing on the soil of Kashmir. Afridi thinks he is great by delivering only a few sacks of flour and rice but he has no idea about the history of Kashmir. He is just a greedy, selfish man.

Azizia also said that Afridi was not even born in 1947 when India and Pakistan were divided. Even Afridi's ancestors have testified that this Kashmir belongs to India. It is only because of the mistake of the then Prime Minister of India that the Kashmir issue is still in conflict between the two countries. He also said that if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been present at the time, he would have settled the matter immediately. He also taunted Afridi, saying that Afridi had sent his nephew to spread terrorism in Kashmir. Greedy selfish people like Afridi should die.