Shekhar Suman: Shekhar Suman gifted BMWi7 to wife Alka Suman, this luxury car is worth crores


Shekhar Suman: शेखर सुमन ने पत्नी अलका सुमन को गिफ्ट की BMWi7, करोड़ों की है ये लग्जरी कार

Shekhar SumanImage Credit source: Instagram

Bollywood actor, host, producer and director Shekhar Suman Not dependent on any identity. Shekhar Suman is also known for his excellent behavior. Recently the actor has celebrated his wedding anniversary. On the occasion of anniversary, Shekhar has gifted a special and luxury gift to his wife Alka Suman. Which has been revealed by Shekhar and Alka’s son Adhyayan Suman.

In fact, Adhyayan Suman shared a post on his Instagram account and congratulated his parents on their wedding anniversary. The actor shared a picture with his father, in which he and his father Shekhar Suman are seen kissing in a luxury car. This is the car that Shekhar Suman has bought for his wife Alka. This gleaming BMWi7 car has been specially bought for Alka Suman.

Sharing the picture of this luxury car, Adhyayan Suman wrote in the caption, Mom and Dad wish you a happy anniversary, especially mom for your special gift from dad. One day I will also buy rolls for you. The study also asked for strength and blessings for itself in the caption. After seeing this luxury car, now everyone is guessing its price.

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Let me tell you, the cost of this luxurious vehicle is Rs 2.4 crore. This is also the first delivery of a BMW car in India. Regarding this gift bought for his wife, Shekhar said in a statement, he has decided to give a car to his wife on their wedding anniversary so that she can become decent. Every year he takes some or the other gift for his wife. This time he decided to give this car as a gift.

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