Shh! Dhoni was threatened to rape his daughter Zviva for his poor performance


Bangla Hunt Desk: This time IPL is not going well for Chennai Super Kings. Especially Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni failed to win the match despite being the captain as he is not getting runs at bat. This time in the IPL, captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni had to face strong criticism for several days for the loss of Chennai Super Kings. However, this time the criticism was surpassed by the loss of Chennai Super Kings to Kolkata Knight Riders.

Cricket is a gentleman's game. People who love cricket are also known as gentlemen. But gradually this gentleman's game is being turned into a rude rudeness by some fan-tasting people. Even if those who identify themselves as fans are actually people with a rude vulgarity. In Indian cricket, if a cricketer can play well, his family and his wife have been using vulgar language for a long time. But this time after the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings, all those traditions were surpassed.

Dhoni lost the match Dhoni played badly and was directly threatened to rape Dhoni's six-year-old daughter. Such an incident took place after the match between KKR and CSK. After that match, when there was a lot of criticism about Dhoni, a group of ugly, low-minded people directly threatened to rape Mahendra Singh Dhoni's baby girl.