Shinara, Darun Bhoj Meer with Gulab Jamun, posted a new video in support of the farmers


Banglahant Desk: As the tension in the international arena with the farmers’ protest grows, so does India’s uneasiness. A number of international celebrities, including Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, and Oscar-winning actress Suzanne Sarandon, have spoken out in support of the farmers. The list includes former pornstar Mia Khalifa.

Earlier, Mia had clarified her position by supporting the peasant movement. Once again, he raised the issue. Mia shared a video on her Twitter handle. There he is seen eating Indian food including horns and rose jamun. He also thanked the caption for the wonderful food. Mia’s tweet has gone viral on social media.

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Earlier, Mia tweeted a picture of the peasant movement in India. He tweeted a picture of a woman protesting with a placard, writing, ‘Is this going on in violation of human rights ?! Internet service has been shut down in the vicinity of New Delhi ?! ‘ Mia added another tweet. He writes, ‘Isn’t that a paid actor? The casting director is pretty good. Hopefully they will not be neglected during the award ceremony. I am by the side of the farmers. ‘

Mia’s tweet went viral on social media. After that he had to face extreme protests in India. Mia’s poster was lit. Many people protested with placards asking him to regain consciousness. Even then Mia did not move from her position. He tweeted that he had regained consciousness and was still supporting the farmers.

Incidentally, Mia entered the world of porn in 2014. He also received death threats from extremists for acting in a blue film after hijab. He also lost the right to enter his country Lebanon. However, he was the one who stood by his countrymen in the recent explosion in Lebanon. Now, of course, Mia has said goodbye to the world of blue film.