'Shine the path for everyone by lighting the lamp', shared a sample of the message shared by W Ratnani's tweet


Banglahunt Desk: Gautam Buddha said that lighting his own path is illuminating for many others. Therefore, according to the Prime Minister's request, everyone should light the lamp. Star photographer Daboo rantnani retweeted this tweet by Narendra Modi himself. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the countrymen to fight unitedly to overcome political contradiction in the fight against Corona. Earlier, the people thanked the staff of the emergency services at 5 pm in the afternoon of curfew, urging them to play 5-minute dishes, hours and so on.

This time, Modi has made an application for turning on the candle, lamp, flashlight or flash of mobile by lighting the house for 5 minutes at 9 pm on April 7. The Prime Minister has made it clear that everyone is on the side of the fight against Corona.
After Modi's video chat, many stars tweeted in support of his speech. In a video message, Dabo Ratnani said, “The Buddha said that lighting his own path for other people also illuminated his path. We have to save our country, show our support. So at 5 pm on April 5, people stand on the ceiling or balcony for 5 minutes to light the candles, lamps or torches. We have to make sure we are with everyone. '

This tweet by Dave Ratnani has been retweeted by Narendra Modi himself. He wrote, 'Great message. Light the lamp, brighten everyone's way. ”This message was retweeted many times. Many stars have also endorsed Modi and W Ratnani.

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