Shoaib Akhtar proposed an Indo-Pak bilateral series to raise money to fight Corona.


The number of coronas in the world is increasing rapidly in India at the moment as well as in the world. Neighboring Pakistan was not exempted from Coroner's hand. In such a situation, forgetting the ever-hostile enmity of the two countries, India's Pakistan bilateral series was organized to raise funds to fight Corona.

India-Pakistan bilateral series is closed after 2007 for political reasons of the two countries. Without the Asia Cup or the ICC event, these two teams do not face each other. In such a situation, Shoaib Akhtar proposed a three-match one-day series between the two countries, forgetting the old hostility in the country's misery.

Akhtar said that if the match is held, no team will be bothered with the outcome of this match, regardless of who wins the game. The huge amount of money that will be earned from this match will be handed over to the government of the two countries so that the two countries can use it to fight Corona.

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