Shoaib Akhtar's controversial video leaked: “I will attack India after occupation of Kashmir”


Bangla Hunt Desk: A few years ago, the Indian government withdrew Article 370 from Kashmir. And as a result, Pakistan is under a lot of pressure. This is because the repeal of Article 370 has made it very difficult for Pakistan to carry out militant activities in Kashmir. Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar made controversial remarks against India. Akhtar had to face the wrath of the Indians for making controversial remarks against India at that time.

Later, however, Indian cricket fans showed a somewhat softer attitude towards Akhtar as he spoke out very well for India and once attacked the Pakistan Cricket Board in support of his teammate Danish Koneria.

However, Shoaib Akhtar again got involved in the controversy by making controversial remarks against India. On this day, Shoaib Akhtar was giving an interview to a Pakistani woman journalist to establish “Ghazwa-e-Hind”. At that time, while discussing various issues, he suddenly said, “Our dream of making 'Gajwa-i-Hind' will come true one day. The troops will first reach Afghanistan then they will invade Kashmir. After occupying Kashmir, they will attack India. ”