SHOCKING: Cow clashed with tiger to save calf’s life, video goes VIRAL


SHOCKING: बछड़े की जान बचाने के लिए बाघ से भिड़ गई गाय,  रोंगटे खड़े कर देने वाला है Video हुआ VIRAL

It is said that mother is the biggest warrior of the world who gives life to her child by fighting with death. A video related to this saying has become a topic of discussion among people these days. Where a tiger attacks the calf but in the end its mother saves it.

Mother saved her child’s life

Image Credit source: Twitter/ @susantananda3

If seen, Big Cats have a different charm in the jungle world. Here on one side, where the whole forest trembles with the might of the lion, on the other hand, in this forest, the tiger lives on its own. He brutally kills his victim. But due to the increasing greed of humans, the forests are ending and now these dangerous animals are also moving towards the city. Many of their videos have come to the fore where they clash with humans and their cattle. One such video has surfaced these days. Where a tiger confronts its calf in front of a cow and then there is a fight, it is very dangerous.

It is said that God cannot be everywhere, so he created a mother. To save the life of her child, she gets ready to do anything even with death. This proverb is not only applicable to humans but also to animals and birds. A video clip characterizing this line, which is being seen a lot on social media these days. When a leopard wreaks havoc on a cow child. But the mother pulls him out from the mouth of death. Surely you will also get goosebumps after watching this video.

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watch video here

According to media reports, this matter is related to Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Here a tiger suddenly sees three-four cows and their calf and attacks them. After which where the cow is seen running away, the tiger is seen chasing them. Meanwhile, where all the cows run away, the tiger makes a calf its prey. He attacks her fiercely. Seeing this scene, it is understood that he will finish the work of the calf soon, but in the meantime the mother of that calf comes and confronts the tiger to free her child.

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