SHOCKING! The person entered between the escalator, you will get goosebumps after watching the video


SHOCKING! एस्केलेटर के बीच घुसता चला गया शख्स, वीडियो देख रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे

People got goosebumps after watching this videoImage Credit source: Twitter/@crazyclipsonly

Shocking Video: A video that went viral on social media has given goosebumps to the netizens. This incident took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Metro station It is being told, which happened five years ago. It can be seen in the video how a person becomes a victim of the escalator. Seeing this scene, the people around are horrified. Let us see that this viral clip What is it like in

In the video going viral, you can see that there is a lot of crowd on the escalator. Meanwhile, a person also starts getting down from the escalator, but as soon as he reaches the middle, the escalator breaks down and the person gets involved in it. This scene is so horrifying that people get goosebumps just by seeing it. Now imagine what would have been the condition of those people, who were present on the spot at that time. According to media reports, the person had a narrow escape in this accident. He had only minor injuries.

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Watch here, the video of the incident at the metro station

The video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @crazyclipsonly. The user has written in the caption, Escalator swallowed the person. More than 33 lakh views have come on the heart-wrenching video so far. At the same time, the post has been seen more than one crore times. Apart from this, thousands of people have commented.

A user says, after watching this video, now I am scared to climb the escalator. At the same time, another user has written, thankfully this person is alive. Another user has commented, roller coaster, plane and escalator… it is good to stay away from all these.

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