Shocking! The person tied ‘gunpowder’ in the body and set it on fire, the further incident shocked the senses


Shocking! शख्स ने शरीर में बांध लिया

Shocking Video: In the course of storming, the person did bad condition of his own body. What he did was a kind of suicide. His life could also have been lost, but it was a matter of luck that he was not harmed much. This video is becoming very viral on social media.

The person did bad to his own body

Image Credit source: Twitter

Shocking Video: There is no dearth of such people in the world, who feel like doing something stormy. So stormy that seeing people’s senses fly away. You must have seen that some people jump from high hills without any fear in order to show-off. They don’t even think that even a slight mistake can take their life. social media But nowadays one such person video viral It is happening, who has made his own bad condition in the affair of making stormy. It was a matter of gratitude that he did not get serious injuries, otherwise he would have been fighting for life and death in the hospital.

In the video, you can see how the man is wearing red-blue strips like a belt around his stomach and neck. It is being called ‘suicide vest’, because seeing the action that the person has done next, anyone will call this ‘belt’ as ‘suicide vest’.

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Watch the top class stupidity of the person in the video

Actually, the person got another person to set fire to the bandage tied around his neck. After that, the explosion started in the belt, the condition of the person worsened. Just like when a string of firecrackers is set on fire in weddings or any other function, something similar happened after setting fire to this belt. The firecrackers attached to the man’s belt exploded in such a way that his entire body was badly burnt, due to which he started moaning. Now you tell me, if this is not stupidity then what is?

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @explosionvidz and the caption reads, ‘Some people are just plain stupid’. This video of just 45 seconds has been viewed more than 81 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video.

At the same time, after watching the video, people are also giving different reactions. Some are asking ‘where is this person now?’, while some are saying ‘this is the reason why women live longer than men’.

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