Shocking! The reel was being made on the track, then the train came, a heart-wrenching accident happened


Shocking! पटरी पर बना रहा था रील, तभी आ गई ट्रेन, हुआ दिल दहला देने वाला हादसा

Boy hit by train while making reel

today’s world social media Running only on the basis of. You will get to see very few such people, who are still not using social media. Now a smartphone is seen in almost every hand and if there is a smartphone, then it is obvious that there will be some or the other platform of social media. By the way, nowadays people are using Instagram more, especially young boys and girls. They are becoming so mad after making reels that they are ready to do anything. They even put their lives on the line. One such on social media nowadays video viral It is happening, which has given goosebumps to the people.

In fact, in this video, a boy is seen trying to make a reel by sticking to the track, but only then the train comes there and what happens after that is really heart-wrenching. In the video you can see how the boy is walking slowly along the track. Actually he is trying to make a reel, but what did he know that in this affair he will be a victim of a bad accident. The surprising thing is that the boy does not even look behind whether a train is coming or not. He just keeps walking in his fun, but in the meantime a train comes and hits him directly.

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See this shocking accident

This heart-wrenching accident has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @clipsthatgohard. This video of just 15 seconds has been viewed 2.3 million i.e. 23 lakh times so far, while more than 62 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different reactions after seeing this sight that gives goosebumps. A user has written that he is making videos on social media. He was recording in slow motion and thought he was at a safe distance from the train, but was actually very close to the track. Because of this, he became a victim of a serious accident. Similarly, some users are saying that he must have died for sure, while many are also hoping for his survival.

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