'Shoot straight if you do not lockdown', urges the Prime Minister to be angry


BanglaHunt Desk: He is known in Bollywood as 'Drama Queen'. Whatever you do is a little 'hot'. That being said, Rakhi Sawant's words. He likes to express his opinion on all matters. At the moment, the hostages remain like other stars. While sitting at home, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a special suggestion that he deserves a successful lockdown.

In a video message Rakhi Saif says those who disqualify the lockdown should be shot. According to Rakhi, direct lockdown is allowed only when a lockdown is allowed in a foreign country. He thinks that should be done in this country too. Rakhi also said that the stars are sitting at home leaving work. Meanwhile some stupid people are walking down the street. So he urged the Prime Minister to be strict this time.
Central and state governments built tightly to avoid the horrors of Corona. Prime Minister Modi has announced that lockdown will be observed across the country till April 7. All transportation, schools, colleges, shops will be closed. The discount is only on essential goods and emergency services. Now slowly many states are on the path to increasing lockdown.

But despite repeated calls by the Prime Minister, many people are still seen on the streets, disobeying all sanctions. Bikes, bicycles and sometimes four or five groups of people are going out to have tea, sitting in the shop, and the conversation is going on. They are practically pointing the finger at all the sanctions. Rakhi Sawant has thrown his words for the purpose.

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