Shoot the age! Picture of Sanon, a viral masterpiece of a mother in a blue swimsuit

BanglaHunt Desk: It has been several years since Kriti Sanon entered Bollywood. He entered Bollywood for the first time with the film 'Hiropanti'. Then he showed his acting skills in one popular film after another.

Today, October 13 is the birthday of Kriti's mother Geeta Sanon. So on this special day, he has shared several photos with his mother. A picture shows Kriti and her mother floating in the water of the swimming pool. The actress is wearing a black swimsuit. Mother is wearing a blue swimsuit with palla.

Netizens have liked this picture a lot. The mother of Kriti has explained that age or body size is just a few numbers. He is not going next to the girl. The actress shared a few pictures in a row and wished Adar's mother a happy birthday.

In the caption of the post, he wrote, ‘Enjoy every moment of your life with this wonderful smile of yours. You are the joy, the soul, the blessing, the value, the strength of our home, as well as a small child. Happy birthday mamma I love you very much Geetu. '9 lakh likes have passed in this post.

Incidentally, after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput a few months ago, Kriti often made headlines. At one point rumors were heard that he was in a relationship with Sushant. Although he did not say anything at that time, after the death of the actor, Kriti made an emotional post.

Then Kriti will be seen in the movie 'Mimi'. It is learned that he has gained 15 kg weight due to this. In fact, Kriti is playing the role of a surrogate mother in the upcoming film 'Mimi'. That's why he has to gain weight in need of character.

“It's like a challenge to me,” Kriti said. It is also completely new to the body. There are issues related to calories and metabolism. There is less time at hand. ” However, the actress also said that it is nothing in the case of the character of choice. The Marathi film 'Mala I Vachi' was released in 2010. Samruddhi Pore, Urmila Kanitkar, Sulva Deshpande were seen in that film. The film also received a national award. 'Mimi' is directed by Laxman Utekar.