Shoot the driver, Debelina came to get married by driving herself in the bride's dress! Viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Devlina Kumar and Gourab Chatterjee tied the knot on December 9. The marriage ceremony was performed in the presence of the family and some close friends of the couple. Gaurab Deblina got married following the complete Vedic rules. Then the grand reception on December 15. The two have also recovered from their honeymoon in Darjeeling.

Meanwhile, Debbie has shared an unseen video of the wedding. Dressed as a bride on the wedding day, he drove himself to Chowdhury House to marry Gaurab. He was seen driving in the style of a wedding bride. That video is now viral on social media.

The marriage of this star couple has been in the news on social media for a long time. They also did some photoshoots together after the news of the wedding came out. Debelina also shared photos of Mehndi and Gaye Halud on her Instagram handle before the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, like a Bengali bride, Deblina wore red Benarsi and gold jewelery. Pride in white Punjabi next door. On the morning after the wedding, Uttam Kumar's grandson Gaurab entered the house with his wife following all the rituals.

On December 13, Debelina and Gaurab performed at the Kayalkata Boating Club. On this day, Gaurab dressed up in a cream-colored sherwani. Debbie wore a light green and pink lehenga. The newly married couple danced to the beat of popular Hindi songs.

Then on December 15 there was a grand reception for Gaurab Chatterjee and Deblina Kumar. Debelina dressed in a white gown in the style of a Christian wedding bride, glorified in a tuxedo next door. The two also cut the cake together. Debelina Gaurab's reception was held at PC Chandra Garden.