‘Should IPL be stopped’, says Australian cricket team co-captain


Bengali Hunt Desk: Bangla Hunt Desk: Some are voting for, some against. Some are saying that IPL should be allowed to run like IPL, so some are bringing up the horrors of Corona in the country. So the question is, should the IPL actually continue, or should it be stopped for now? Pat Cummins is not in favor of shutting down the IPL despite the rise in Corona infection in India.

A few days ago, Cummins extended a helping hand to India in the Corona situation. The KKR star got the applause of everyone by donating 50 thousand dollars. However, Cummins has questioned the IPL as a small means of entertainment for the people in difficult situations. He said, ‘All the problems will not be solved if the IPL is stopped. People stay at home for 3-4 hours every day to watch the game. They get a little pleasure at the end of the day. ‘

Asked about donations to the PM’s fund, Cummins said, “I was talking to some people in the Kolkata team. We can learn about donating to this fund from them. Shah Rukh Khan himself has donated to the fund. The people of Australia are also willing to stand by India in this difficult situation and they are all planning financial assistance to address the situation in India.