Shouldn’t nails really be cut after sunset? know the truth


क्या सच में सूरज ढलने के बाद नाखून नहीं काटना चाहिए? जानिए सच्चाई

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Myths In India: variety in india myth are in vogue, which people have accepted as true. For example, some people believe that it is inauspicious to cross the path of cats, while some people also believe that if you kill a cobra, the cobra definitely comes to avenge its death, but the reality is that these things There is no truth in me at all. such things only for people Superstition rests on. One such myth is that ‘nails should not be cut after sunset’, but do you know how true this is? Is it really bad to bite nails at night? Let us know how true this is.

Cutting nails is a good thing anyway. Even in schools, children are taught that nails should always be cut, because it is home to diseases. Actually, when the nails grow, dirt starts accumulating in them, which does not come out even after washing hands. Now in such a situation, if you eat with the same hand, it is obvious that the dirt will also go into your stomach and then the risk of various diseases will increase. That is why it is always advised to cut nails.

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Although there is no fixed time for nail cutting. In olden times it used to happen that there was no electricity, people used to spend the night with the help of lamps, lanterns or diyas, and since their light was not so strong that people could cut nails closely. Due to low light, there was a fear of cutting the finger along with the nail.

Perhaps because of this, it has become popular that something untoward happens by cutting nails after sunset and people still believe this myth, but nothing happens that something untoward happens by cutting nails at night. Now there is a system of electricity everywhere, whose light is no less than the light of the sun. If people want, they can cut their nails even at night.

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