Shweta came to India from America to meet her brother 5 times, Sushant's son-in-law opened his mouth


Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput's family members are practically devastated by his death. Everyone wants to know exactly what happened. If it is murder then who did it, who had such enmity with Sushant? Or if the actor had committed suicide, did such a situation arise that such a lively, cheerful man made such a terrible decision?

Meanwhile, Sushant's son-in-law revealed the beautiful relationship between brother and sister. He said in his blog that his wife Shweta Singh Kirti (Suswant's sister) left him alone for 5 times to meet him in India. He added that he had no complaints because there was such a good relationship between the members of the Rajput family.

Sushant's son-in-law regrets that Erfar may not run away again and again because Shweta has lost the bright star of their family. After that, Vishal said that Shweta had come to India to meet Sushant 5 times. He writes, ‘In 2014, Shweta once found out that there was an event in the family. Sushant will also come there. Shweta immediately booked a ticket and left for India. I went to India with our daughter next month and spent time with Seva Sushant and everyone in the family. '

Bishal then wrote that Shweta went to Ranchi in 2015 after learning that Sushant was shooting for MS Dhoni. After the release of the film in 2016, it was decided that the family will see the film together. Then Shweta came to India again for 3 days.

Bishal wrote about the trip of 2020, this trip was planned by Shweta all of a sudden. But he did not meet Sushant this time. He then wrote with regret that Shweta might not rush to India in such a sudden way.

Incidentally, Didi Shweta Singh Kirti has played a pivotal role in the late Sushant Singh Rajput's prayer for justice. He is putting pressure on Riya Chakraborty by leaking new information one after another. At the same time, Sushant is sharing the pictures of various moments spent with her favorite actor.

A few days ago, he also shared an old picture of Sushant. Shweta told how they celebrated her brother's success. The picture shows Sushant lying between the two sisters. And his two sisters are flying notes on him.

In the caption of the photo, Shweta wrote, “This is an October 2016 photo. My brother asked me to leave America so that we could all go to see the MS Dhoni movie together. I was so proud and happy to come to India from the first flight and celebrate my brother's success. I miss you bro May God give me the strength to bear this loss. '