Sick Nasiruddin hospitalized! The boy told the real truth


Veteran actor Nasiruddin Shah is completely healthy. Suddenly the news of the actor's illness spread on social media. News spread that he had fallen ill and was admitted to the hospital. The news spread like wildfire on social media. Then the actor's son said, the news is fake. Nasiruddin is healthy.

Recently, Nasiruddin’s son Vivan Shah wrote on his Twitter handle that the actor was healthy, ‘Dad is healthy. Everything that has been rumored about his illness is a lie. I wish peace of soul to Irfan Bhai and Chintu Ji. My condolences to their families. This loss is irreparable. “

Along with Vivan, the actor's niece also became vocal about the issue. Dismissing the rumors, he said Nasiruddin was staying with his wife Ratna Pathak Shah at his home in Mumbai. She is OK.
Incidentally, the stars have fallen in Bollywood for two consecutive days. Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor have passed away. Bollywood is going through a period of mourning now. In this situation, the news of Nasiruddin's illness caused a stir in Netdunia. Many people trembled. They breathe a sigh of relief at the news of the actor's recovery.