Sick Sushant, crazy party rear with friends in an isolated room!


Banglahant Desk: The former driver of Sushant Singh Rajput (Sushant Singh Rajput) has spoken out against Rhea Chakraborty. After keeping the lock on his face for so long, he finally opened his mouth. He opened his mouth and shot all the accusations towards the rear.
Sushant's driver said that Riya practically controlled the actor. For the last one year, Riya used to make all the decisions in Sushant's life. From his career to financial transactions, rear control was barely there.

Even the actress wanted Sushant to stay with his family. So he tactfully removed him from his family. Riya also changed all the employees of Sushant's house so that the control would be strengthened. He then hired employees of his choice.
Sushant's driver said he was close to the actors and the unscrupulous employees. Even after leaving the job, the actor's other employees used to call him. Everyone complained on the phone against the rear. Even though Sushant was ill, Riya used to party at a secluded house instead of serving him.

Earlier, the actor's bodyguard had made the same allegation against Riya. He said Sushant was often sick and lying in his bedroom. On the other hand, his live-in partner Riya Chakraborty used to party in the next room, but the actor also spent money.
He added that not only Riya but also her father and brother used to take part in this party. In addition, his family's relationship with Sushant has been severed for the past few months. Sushant was not even allowed to meet them.