Siddhidatta Ganesha is the home of most Muslims in the world


Banglahant Desk: Which country has the most Muslims in the world? In response, many will say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. But Saudi Arabia is not even in the top three in the list of Muslim-majority countries in the world. Neighboring Pakistan is also at number three. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. As of 2010, the country is home to 209 million Muslims. But do you know that the Hindu god Ganesh lives in the money of this country.

Pictures on both sides of the Indonesian 20,000 taka note

The 20,000 taka note in Indonesia has the disruptive Parvati Nandan. Yes, India is not a Hindu state like Nepal. The currency of the country where most of the world's Muslims live. The image of Lord Ganesha is engraved next to Hajar Dewantara on a Rs 20,000 note – Hazar Dewantara is a prominent freedom fighter in Indonesia. There is also a picture of a classroom printed on the back of the note.

Statue of Arjun Vijay in Jakarta Square in the capital

Muslims make up 8.2 percent of Indonesia's population and only 1.6 percent Hindus. Ganesha's image on the note of a Muslim-majority country has surprised many. The Indonesian archipelago has been influenced by Hinduism since the first century. Hinduism also has a huge influence on contemporary Indonesian culture.

At the same time, the statue of Arjuna Vijaya in the courtyard of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a historical monument and Hanuman is the official mascot of Indonesian military intelligence. In addition, Ganesha's image is used as a logo at the Bandung Institute of Technology, an educational institution.

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