Silent Modi’s appeal rejected by a London court! The judge ordered him to be sent to India

Bangla Hunt Desk: Nirab Modi, a diamond trader who fled abroad with Rs 14,000 crore from Punjab National Bank, will be sent to India. A London court has rejected the plea of ​​fugitive silent Modi. The court said he should be deported to India as soon as possible. The British judge said the silent Modi had tried to falsify evidence throughout the case, intimidating witnesses. The judge said that this time silent Modi will have to answer the case in India. The judge also said that the Arthur Road Jail was perfect for a silent Modi.

A London court has ruled that the silent Modi must be held accountable in India. He will get justice from India. The judge said that the silent Modi had not only tried to destroy the evidence in the corruption case, he had also intimidated the witnesses.

Silent Modi told the court that Indian Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tried to influence his case. Silent Modi complained that Ravi Shankar tried to prove me a mental patient through a lawyer. However, the London court did not agree to hear any of Modi’s allegations. The judge dismissed all the pleas of the silent Modi and ordered him to be sent to India.