Singara went on a space tour! Watch Singer's exciting tour in Viral Video

Bengali Hunt Desk: Indians are very fond of food. Indians love to eat Singara with tea. But have you ever seen a Singara fly in the sky? Can a Singara schedule a tour of the whole world? You may feel dizzy with this question, but today we will tell you about one such singer.

In a strange space mission, the owner of an Indian restaurant in Britain sent a Singara into space, but sadly, that Singara could not travel around the world, crashed from Britain to France. The restaurant owner tried to send Singara into space, not once, but four times. He did this just to get people's attention.

The owner of Britain's 'Tea Wala' restaurant named Neeraj Gadhare tried to send Singara into space. He did this through a helium balloon. He puts a Singara in a box and ties the box with a balloon. He attached a Go Pro camera and a GPS system to the balloon.

Neeraj has made a video of this strange expedition of his own. Neeraj said the balloon fell out of hand on the first attempt, and there was not much gas in the balloon on the second attempt. But for the third time he succeeded in his endeavor.

Commenting on the mission, Neeraj said, “I once jokingly said to send Singara into space. Then one day he thought that people would be happy to see his strange adventure. My job was just to make people happy. ”

Neeraj posted a video of this strange expedition on YouTube. This video of hers is very viral on social media. In the video, Neeraj is seen with his friends. The video shows everyone trying to send a Singara into space. The video has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.