Singer Sidhu Musewala’s mother remembered her son on his 30th birthday, wrote an emotional note


Sidhu Moose Wala: सिंगर सिद्धू मूसेवाला के 30वें बर्थडे पर मां को आई बेटे की याद, लिखा इमोशनल नोट

Sidhu Musewala with motherImage Credit source: Instagram

Singer Sidhu Moose Wala Birthday: Due to the death of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, there was a wave of mourning in the whole world. Singer’s songs were heard at the international level and fans also liked listening to his songs. No one had expected that this rising star of the world of Punjab film industry would say goodbye to everyone like this. Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead. today their birth anniversary But his mother Charan Kaur has remembered the son and shared an emotional note in his name.

Charan Kaur misses her son very much and she also misses him a lot. Charan Kaur has recently expressed the grief of losing her son through Instagram. Charan wrote- Happy birthday son. My prayer was accepted on this day when I held you for the first time. I can never forget that warmth. Wahe Guru gave me a son.

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Further Sidhu’s mother said- I hope you will remember that there was redness in your small feet, but you did not know that with these small steps you will travel from a village to the whole world. And with these big eyes of yours you will recognize the truth. People did not know then that you would give a different perspective to the people of Punjab. I did not know that these small hands of yours have so much power that they will change the world. You used to wear a turban like the crown of a king. I can’t remember when was the last time I stroked your hair.

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feel son around

While ending her talk, Charan Kaur said that it is certain that now you do not hover around me but I always feel your presence around me. I always find you near me my child. Be happy wherever you are. This is what I pray for on your birthday. I am missing you a lot today. Please inform that on May 29, 2022, Sidhu Musewala was gunned down and killed.

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