Sirajuddaullah ordered the execution of Gopal Bharke! But why.


Gopal Bhar, there is probably no Bengali in Krishnanagar who does not know the name of this clown. Gopal means a picture of a sweet chubby ever-smiling man floating in front of our eyes. But why did Nawab Siraj order the execution of such people? Let's not know the real reason

Gopal Chandra Pramanik, our favorite Gopal Bhar. This courtier of Krishnachandra was a witness in the most heinous conspiracy to remove the Nawab of Bengal. But Swadhinacheta Gopal never gave in to this conspiracy. Gopal repeatedly rebuked Krishnachandra when he was partnering with Mir Jafar, Ghaseti Begum and others to remove Nawab Siraj. On the contrary, he was ridiculed by the king and his courtiers. King Krishnachandra said that he would refrain from this plan only if he could go in front of the Nawab and cut his forehead.

Even at the risk of his own life, Gopal went to Murshidabad for Krishnachandra. When he was not allowed to enter in front of the Nawab, he was bitten by a guard. Then when he was brought before the Nawab of Justice, Gopal really broke the Nawab. The Nawab informed that Gopal would be tried the next day.

Meanwhile, Gopal informed Mirzafar that he had come to the Nawab to expose all the conspiracies. But since his breadwinner Krishnachandra would also be trapped, he did not divulge it. Then at the instigation of Mir Jafar Nawab ordered the execution of Gopal. But there is no trace of Gopal in it. On the contrary, he broke the Nawab once again.

The Nawab thinks that Gopal is insane. So the Nawab released him. Returning to Krishnanagar, Gopal once again tried to convince the king. But the king did not listen to her. The humiliated Gopal left the country without anyone noticing. Then no trace of him was found.