Sister Mimi Chakraborty sends rakhi and sweets to viral 'tea uncle' on Rakhi day


BanglaHunt Desk: Everyone must remember about the viral ‘cha kaku’ in lockdown. Tea uncle alias Mridul Babu became viral or 'meme material' in a video after Janata Karfur went out to have tea at a tea shop in the neighborhood. Later, after learning his real story, Jadavpur Trinamool MP Mimi Chakraborty gave a helping hand to Mridul Babu, a resident of Jadavpur.
Cha Kakur was an MP-actress for the rest of her life. But Mimi did not fulfill her responsibility. Today, on the special day of Rakhi Bandhan, a special gift has arrived at Mumi's tea uncle's house. Mimi has sent Rakhi and sweets for Mridul Babu. On this auspicious day of Rakhi, this is the gift of ‘Sister’ Mimi for the sake of Mridul Babu.

Mridul Babu did not expect the MP to get such a gift from the actress. Even in the midst of such a hectic routine, Mimi couldn't even think of remembering the gentle babu. He is overflowing with happiness in a normal way. However, not only Mridul Babu, but also many houses in Jadavpur have received special gifts from Mimi.
In this context, the actress said, “For me, Rakhi is not just a celebration of brotherhood. It means spreading sincerity and love. Letting each other know that we are with each other, caring for each other. Rakhi means caring for everyone and spreading love irrespective of race or religion. I have sent gifts not only to him, but to many others. ”
Incidentally, the way of earning was also closed due to the lockdown of daily wage worker Mridul Babu. Upon learning of his financial difficulties, Mimi extended a helping hand. Apart from sending the necessary materials, he also talked to Mridul Babu in a video call. He also gifted a tea packet to tea lover Mridul Babu.