Six companies in the country are making vaccines to seize coronas, three of them may be tried on human beings

BanglaHunt Desk: Six Indian companies are vigorously trying to develop the Covid-1 vaccine. There are studies on three types of vaccine candidates, three of which have come very close to experimental application on human beings. Vaccines, such as coronavirus seizures, or drugs at the global level have not yet come into the market. Until now, biotech firm Modernai, a US biotech firm, has tested their mRNA vaccine candidate on humans. China has claimed that two of their vaccine candidates could be human trials soon. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) says six Indian companies are vigorously trying to develop the Covid-1 vaccine. Research is underway on three types of vaccine candidates, three of which have come very close to experimental application.

With the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO), the first anti-viral vaccine and drug study was launched in Zaidas Cadila in the country. Then there is the Serum Institute, one of the largest vaccine and drug manufacturers in the country. Zidas Cipla is working on two types of vaccines. The serum institute, Biological E, Bharat Biotech, Indian Immunologicals and Minvax are trying to make them vaccinated. Gangadip Kang, executive director of Faridabad's Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, said: “The vaccine is expected to come out within the next year. However, three vaccines have come very close to success. Human trials can be done. “E Srikumar, Scientific Officer of the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB) in Kerala, says,” The process of vaccine production is very long. The mechanism by which this dead virus has changed the structure of the gene, such as SARS-Cav-2, is not an easy one. The virus has learned how to enter the cells of the human body. Now to prevent it, the process of binding the viral protein with that carrier protein of the human cell must be stopped. Besides, the immune system of the body must be increased. ” He said that a vaccine candidate has been created to produce strong antibodies to the human body. In the future, any such infectious virus will be repelled so that the body can build its own armor.

India Biotech has already started working on the coroner vaccine. India Biotech is working with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Flu-Gen Vaccine to create a nasal vaccine. Scientists say the CoroFlu vaccine will be like a nasal drop. Any contagious disease that goes into the body will produce strong antibodies. Flu-vaccine candidates are being used as a vaccine-producing ingredient. Researchers from India Biotech say that it takes a long time to make any vaccine candidate. Either the antibody-making process is monitored by inserting the entire virus into the body, or memory-B cells are created by inserting a part of the virus (surface protein) into the human cell. This memory B-cell creates anti-virus antibodies. Many times to make a large number of vaccine candidates, purify the viral proteins, which is very time consuming. The beta-coronavirus family has been used in the early stages of the vaccine's candidacy, as it is similar to the flu or influenza virus, in combination with the SARS-Cove-2 viral strain.

Researchers at Delhi's International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) are conducting research on vaccines and drugs, though not in the list of six companies. Research on the anti-epileptic valproic acid (valproic acid) is underway at ICGEB. Head of the Department of Transcriptional Regulation. Nil Sarovar Bhobash says, “Scientists are now trying to determine whether corona infection is cured by drugs. The anti-viral drug is being tested on all drugs. Covid-1 has been shown to have the ability to prevent epilepsy by valproic acid. However, research is underway. ” He has also applied to scientists at Pune's National Institute of Virology (NIV) and ICMR to research the drug. Dr. Bhobash says the drug was sold in two brands Depacon and Stavzor. He claims the Corona-resistant drug could be a good drug if it is brought back to valproic acid.

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