Six doctors and 20 nurses infected with coronas at Okhard Hospital, the whole hospital was sealed

BanglaHunt Desk: The hospital has become a hotspot for a serious infection of the coronavirus. The coronavirus was affected by 9 doctors and 20 nurses of the hospital. And it was closed as a precautionary measure at Oakhard Hospital in Mumbai.

The Ministry of Health said on Thursday that the country's corona-infected sites or 'hotspots' will be identified and sealed. The Ministry of Health took this initiative to prevent infection. One of the public hospitals in Mumbai is Oakhard Hospital. Where corona infected people are treated and treated. However, doctors and hospital health workers are getting infected while doing the treatment. So the thought of the hospital authorities on the forehead. Who will provide services if health workers, including doctors, are affected? That question also arises?

The government hospital was temporarily closed following the directive of the health ministry. It is known that the hospital is being investigated to find out why so many were injured. Until the results of the coronary examination are negative twice in patients who are admitted there, it is decided that the entry and exit of staff will be stopped at that hospital.

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