Six Pack Abs From Obese Body, Transformation Video Of Viral Hearts On NetDunia


BanglaHunt Desk: He is known throughout the world as the 'Greek God'. His popularity in Bollywood touches the sky. You can understand what Hrithik Roshan is talking about. It's been a long time since he's been stepping foot in the acting world. He put a lot of hits in his own hangings. However, Hrithik did not always see the face of such popularity. Hrithik's first film, Kahona Payar Hai, was a superheat at the box office. One of my favorite films of the film is still Kahona Pyaar Hai.
However, since this film Hrithik has spent quite some time in frustration. His film did not do well at the box office. He also reduced the time of filming. Then 26 Hrithik entered into a new life in the year. The film Super Thirty sets a new milestone in his life. He also won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his outstanding performance.

Then comes Hrithik's proposal of 'War'. Hrithik's look was cut in that picture. But he had to exercise in the sweat of his head in order to become a war poet. It is known that Hrithik did not agree to the proposal when he first approached the film. The poet's character needed a six pack pack body. But at that time the actor's body is traditionally obese. In addition to the foot injury.

But Hrithik did not agree. After six months of hard work, he returned to the old look. War did not hit so much, but the fans took their place in the hearts of fans. This is the video of Hrithik's complete transformation ShaHave done your own Instagram handle. That video is now traditionally viral. And Hrithik gave the message that you are not sharing this video.

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