Six people arrived in Dubai on a return ceremony organized by the youth

BanglaHunt Desk: Coronavirus is a global scam. Many died. Many others are infected. This time, the coronation ground is Madhya Pradesh. It was reported that six people came to the event organized by the youth returning to Dubai, and seven were found corona positive.

RATESAL, Marina: Four people were diagnosed with a corona virus infection on Friday. Grameen veggies have been found to contain the positive mass of 1 macerios corona from 25 mosiles. The total number of people still has 12 people to test in the hospital.

According to sources, everyone was included in the Tirhobin banquet. 4 people were gathered on the occasion. Six of them were reported to be positive. The other two are believed to have coronas. A total of 12 people were sent to the hospital. People's childhood homes Some people are also robbed after a sanitary accident. Hopefully, and a few more people guess that they can be positive. Our “moving Dubai” hotel is under way. Murayana returned on March 7. Then he put your mother's arrow on March 25, about 5 people cooked. And any infected people have been thrown away. Three of your six-month-old children have been diagnosed with the virus in a woman in Mumbai.

Magazine Travel Ratsal Women's Carcass Virus Test Reporting Positive Eye, When women are exposed to a number of touching diseases to search for a baby with your fungal baby.

The new case of Corona virus in Mumbai is six months old, and it has been tested for Corona virus infection. Among the women in Guruvar, the year-old son-in-law, Corena, was positively involved in the municipality's documents for the progress and isolation of the family of fifty.

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