Sixes in a row! Losing his temper, he scolded Hardik because Hardik retaliated, viral video


Bangla Hunt Desk: India and England met in the second ODI of the series at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune yesterday. After winning the toss, England captain Jos Butler sent India to bat first. Batting first, India scored 336 runs in 50 overs. Batting in reply, England lost just four wickets and picked up a suitable run to win. India lost to England by six wickets.

On this day, the Indian batsmen beat the English bowlers at a huge rate. Especially Rishabh Panth and Hardik Pandya. In the meantime, an unpleasant incident happened. Hardik Pandya hit three sixes in a row in an over by England bowler Sam Karan. As a result, England bowler Sam Karan could not keep his temper. After hitting Hardik hard, he said sledging at Hardik Pandya. Hardik then rushes to Sam’s cause and retaliates. The two got into an argument on the field, after which the situation returned to normal with the mediation of the umpire.

The incident happened in the 46th over of India’s innings. In that over, Hardik Pandya hit two sixes in a row to Sam Karan and Rishabh Panth hit one six. Hardik Pandya batted to hit a six again in the last ball but the ball was not connected to the bat. After that, Sam aimed at Hardik and Sam Karan, Hardik also retaliated. Sam Karan became very expensive in the second ODI. In this match, Sam bowled 86 runs off just 7 overs.