Sleeping Daniel's water-filled balloon between his legs, then what Sunny did… Watch the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: The popularity of Sunny Leone in Beetown is increasing day by day. He entered Bollywood a long time ago saying goodbye to the world of blue film and holding the hand of 'Jism Two'. Then one by one new opportunities came in his life. Sunny has arranged her personal life as well as her career. No one is unaware of her ill-fated relationship with her husband, Daniel Weber. He cooperates with his wife in all matters. Sunny said this in her own mouth. All in all, her family is full of husbands, sons and daughters.
Many people know that Sunny loves to have fun. And most of the time, her husband Daniel Weber is the victim of her prank. This time too Sunny did another prank on top of Daniel. He also shared the video on social media with the fans.

The video shows Daniel sunbathing on a comfortable couch outside his home in California. Meanwhile, Sunny complained that he did not do any housework. Just lying down and relaxing. So this funny prank is to punish Daniel a little.

Sunny took a chance to sleep with Daniel and placed a yellow water-filled balloon between his legs. Then he burst the balloon with a pin. Immediately Daniel woke up and jumped. On the other hand, Sunny is laughing and eating.
In the caption of the video, the actress says, it is straightforward to prank on her husband. He makes most of the work easier while he sleeps. Posting the video is viral. The netizens are also laughing at Sunny Daniel's actions.

Incidentally, Sunny has done a prank to fool Daniel before. He pretended to cut his finger with a knife. Then the real truth came out as soon as the doctor was called. Not just Daniel, Sunny pranks with the co-stars on the shooting set.