Small arms! Netpara drunk blind teenager singing superhit Hindi song, Pratibha Jayajikar after watching viral video


Banglahant Desk: Every day on social media, various videos go viral. Many new talents can be found from Netdunia. They all have the power to shock netizens. But some get the respect they deserve and some remain in the dark.

One such talent has recently been found on social media. A video has gone viral on Netdunia. As seen in the video, a blind teenager is singing the super hit Hindi song 'Jio Re Bahubali' in an impeccable tune. Along with the song, he is also playing with his hands.

An abandoned broken tin bucket. That's why the teenager is clapping and playing the background music of the song in an incredible way. At the same time, the song is sung in a melodious and noble voice. At first glance, he would not think that he was physically disabled. Such talent is really rare.

The video of this little singer has spread on social media. Netpara was shocked to see the talent of a teenager at such a young age. Honestly, so many videos go viral on social media every day. Someone dances, someone sings, someone has unparalleled talent. But sometimes I see some videos that are really surprising. What else but God-given talent!

The video has crossed 4 lakh views. 47 thousand likes. Has been shared more than 5 thousand times. One writes, what an extraordinary rhythmic knowledge at this age. Didn't make the slightest mistake. Another wrote that if the director of Bahubali Rajamouli or Ram Gopal Varma sees this teenager, he will definitely work in the film. He has knowledge about music.

Every day on various platforms of social media, various strange videos are seen. Several of his videos went viral. Millions of likes and comments are made in one video. Thanks to this viral video, many people became famous overnight. There are many examples of people going viral on social media by singing and dancing.

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