Smt Thakkar recalls Gujarat's first plasma donor, this time he will be treated with plasma therapy


Bangla Hunt Desk: In Gujarat, the use of plasma therapy for the treatment of corona virus has been allowed. Smriti Thakkar became the first plasma donor in Gujarat to recover from the corona virus after receiving this therapy. He donated blood to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, this time he will be treated using coronary plasma.

When a person recovers from a coronary infection, a special type of antibody is developed to prevent the incidence of coronary virus in his body. This means that whatever virus enters the body from the outside, the antibody protects the virus from inside the body.

This plasma therapy is not a new therapy. In the past, this method was also used in cases of epidemics such as diphtheria, SARS. After the implementation of this medical system, success was achieved. Currently, this system is being used in many countries around the world to fight against coroners.

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