Snakes are hunting birds with their beaks of electricity! Viral thriller video on social media


Bangla Hunt Desk: Every now and then one or another video goes viral on social media. We also caught those viral videos. The videos sometimes make you laugh, sometimes make you cry. But this time the video I am bringing in front of you is a little different. This video will not make you cry or laugh. However, it is true that you will watch this video with clenched teeth.

Note that today’s viral video shows a snake being hunted. The snake crawls into the electric wire to catch a bird sitting in front. Realizing the cunning of the snake, the bird once went from one wire to another. And the snake is also extending his body and going to one wire after another. Although in the end the snake is forced to accept the rate in front of the bird. Because the bird flew away without catching the snake.

Another video clip shows another snake catching another bird and slowly making its own food. Then in another video clip a venomous snake is seen walking slowly over a barbed wire fence.

In another video that recently went viral on social media, the most venomous snake in India is the infamous King Cobra! The giant venomous snake is seen bathing like a young child. The young man is bathing the Oking Cobra with the same care as his master bathes the puppies at home like children or cats and dogs.

This horrible video is spreading fast on social media. And everyone is amazed at the bravery of the young man after watching that video. The video was shared by Anamika Sinha, a Facebook user. Although the video is quite old. However, the video has recently doubled on social media.

Anamika shared this video on her Facebook on May 26, 2020. So far, 34,000 people have liked the video. And more than six and a half thousand people have shared the video. In addition to this, 750 comments have also been made in this horrible video.