'Social distance' with wife for fear of corona, finally going to court to prove 'masculinity'


Bengali Hunt Desk: The marriage took place at the time of Corona. But a young man was performing 'social distance' from his wife for fear of getting infected with the virus. But the wife did not accept it well. He went to court and filed for divorce. In the end, the young man had to go to court and prove his 'manhood'. This strange incident happened in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

In fact, the young man from Bhopal got married on June 29. But at that time, several people in his father-in-law's house were infected with corona. The man started keeping social distance from his newly married wife out of fear. Even the two did not have any worldly relationship. And the wife became quite dissatisfied with this. He got angry and went to his father's house.

A few days ago, his wife filed for divorce in the Bhopal Family Court. She said that although she had talked to her husband on the phone, she had not visited him once in the last five months. According to sources, the wife has questioned her husband's sexual ability as the reason for the divorce. In the end, the person underwent a medical examination. It shows that he is a sexually capable man. The court then advised the woman to return to her father-in-law's house with her husband.