Social media is fighting shoulder to shoulder against Corona


BanglaHunt Desk: The death toll from the outbreak in China has risen to around 6,000 in the world. While the situation in China and South Korea has improved temporarily, the procession of death toll in Iran and Italy has increased. Countries like Italy and France have officially been locked up after China, while many European countries, including Britain, have undisclosed lockdown conditions. Popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have also taken part in the fight against the coroner virus.


Twitter is notified of the update on the Corona on the top right of the screen, just below the 'Do Five' popup button. The hashtag named Covid-19 is permanent. Along with this, a center has been set up to fight infection.


Coroner virus information is being kept at the top of the news feed. Health tips are being offered in addition to other information. Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Britain are being supplied with information from the United States of America. In addition to WHO, Facebook is also providing real-time data.


The Instagram call has given the action message on the right, where the alert is being issued in Covid-1. Also, information released from the World Health Organization is being shared.


In addition to the common people, people from different sections of society such as health workers and social leaders are being advised on WhatsApp. Also, people are only being asked to share verified information so that the rumors do not spread. MYGOV Corona Help Desk launches in WhatsApp in India Number +919013151515 has been released.

Google and YouTube

Google has launched 'Do The Five' campaign. Google has also launched this promotion on YouTube. All videos promoting this cleanliness are provided on YouTube. Corona is prioritizing search. A ticker is also being played in Corona.

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