Soham throws home-cooked food in the mouths of policemen, cleaners and needy people on the streets of Lockdown


Bangla Hunt Desk: Tollywood actor Soham Chakraborty has come forward with the help of police personnel, municipal workers and needy people. On the auspicious day of Akshay III, Soham and his team distributed home-made food to the Corona fighters.

Today is Akshay III. But on such days everyone is under house arrest. Not only the policemen but also the cleaners of the municipality are the first line fighters in dealing with Karona. These people could not go home for a long time for fear of infection. So Soham distributed home-cooked food to make these people smile.

With his team, the actor walked the streets of Kolkata, handing out food to policemen, cleaners and poor people. He was overwhelmed by the love and blessings of all of them. Soham shared a photo of the whole activity on his social media handle.

Earlier, Soham's team had reached out to helpless people in Chitpur. He handed over the food to the people. In Kalighat too, Soham's team was seen handing out food and other necessities to the poor.

Soham's team has jumped on the bandwagon from the very beginning of the lockdown. On Good Friday, the actor has taken to the streets to put a smile on people's faces even in the New Year. His fan club has also taken initiative with the help of policemen and poor people.

Netizens have praised Soham. Everyone has unanimously acknowledged that he is doing a very good job. In addition to all this, the actor himself has repeatedly requested everyone to stay at home. Do not go out of the house without much need.