Sohini-Saptarshi adopts Babu's new guardian, Alipore Zoo chimpanzee

Actress Sohini Sengupta and actor Saptarshi Moulik have adopted a chimpanzee from the zoo. The star couple has recently adopted the popular chimpanzee of Alipur Zoo named 'Babu'.

But why the thought of suddenly adopting a chimpanzee? Sohini replied that she has been an animal lover since childhood. He has learned so much from his parents. He also had many pets. So it is nothing new to him.

Sohini added that on the day she returned after adopting Babu, they saw a dog injured in a road accident. Sohini and Saptarshi immediately arranged for his treatment. Saptarshi commented that animals have more responsibility than humans. He also said that the conservation of wildlife is very important for the people who are suffering due to the arbitrariness of nature and wildlife. In other words, there is no doubt that the right people are the guardians of the 'babu' of a people-loving mood.

Notably, the zoo has adopted rules for adopting animals since 2015. Alipore Zoo was closed for a long time due to lockdown. Babur spent his time in a completely lonely zoo without visitors. Or he is a very human lover. The zoo staff in charge of Babu's care said that he had reduced his appetite in such an empty situation. But now Babu is back in the familiar mood.

By the way, Saptarshi and Sohini have been living a happy married life for the last seven years. There is nothing new to say about Sohini's popularity in the world of Bengali cinema. He is similarly expressive on the stage of the theater. The first conversation with Sohini was on the stage of this theater. And once he saw Sohini's performance, he fell in love with her.

The age difference between the two is about 15 years. But no one allowed the age to be a barrier between their love or marital relationship. However, due to the young age of the bear, many comments have been made many times. But the two did not pay attention. At the moment, Saptarshi has gained a lot of popularity as Dinka in the serial 'Srimayi'. On the other hand, Sohini is acting in the serial 'Kharakuto'.