Someday in the food alliance, someday not in the alliance, the viral Ranu Mandal is spending the day in the final absence!

BanglaHunt Desk: Many memorable events have happened in 2017. But not without putting one's name on that list. He is Ranu Mondal. Towards the end of last year, he was left alone on social media.

Everyone's eyes were filled with tears when they saw the change in his incredible destiny. But all that pomp is now past. It was heard a few days ago that Ranur's financial situation has become the same as before. After the lockdown, he again set up base at Ranaghat station.

However, it has recently been reported that Ranur's condition is worse than before. He is struggling to get food every day. He has to eat half-eaten. According to media reports, he went to perform a song in Kerala before the lockdown started. Ranu Mandal spent five days in a row or starvation.

According to some netizens, this was bound to happen. Suddenly Ranur became a star overnight and got dazzled in his eyes. He has been seen abusing fans several times. That is why many think that the fans have turned away from Ranu.

In December last year, Ranu was invited by an organization of Indians living in Qatar. In one of the shopping malls there, one of Ranu's fans called him with his hands on his body and he treated him badly. The video of the incident went viral and a private TV channel in Mumbai removed Ranu Mandal from their list of artists for their year-end program.

The troll started with Ranu. Now the scattering of trolls on social media is about Ranu Mandal. A few days ago, a troll video about Ranu's marriage to Karan Johar went viral.
As seen in the video, director Karan Johar is sitting in the groom's attire and Ranu Mandal of Ranaghat is sitting next to him dressed as the new bride. This video went viral.