‘Someone else cooked the food!’ Mir opened his mouth to the wine and sang


BanglaHunt Desk: Mir Afsar Ali, the most popular radio jockey in Bengal. 7 to 80 everyone in Bengal is funny with his humor. He criticized the corruption of the society at different times with the responsibility of the artist. Intense satire is his main tool.

Ignoring the lockdown, Mir became vocal once more when the country was at the height of the alcohol bikini frenzy. He commented to a popular daily, “Those who have bought liquor in liquor stores with lounges and fights should have their ration cards canceled.” Because they don't need food. Someone else cooked the food! I can't say anything else after the kind of hanglamo people showed about alcohol. ”

He also sang a song on social media saying “Hanged, opened, forgotten”. Where his statement – the country's economy is hanging, liquor stores have opened, people have forgotten to adhere to social distance.

One of the biggest discounts being practiced in the third phase of lockdown across the country is to allow liquor stores to open. Liquor stores have been opened in every state of the country. And before opening the liquor store, the liquor lovers have lined up in front of the store in the morning. Although social distance is observed in many places, in most places, Deda continues to trade alcohol by pointing the finger at the government's guidelines. That's why Mir became vocal this time.