Sometimes ‘Our Bajaj’, sometimes the rule of ‘Ola Scooter’, now this special ‘Taj’ has been snatched from the country



Two-wheelers are not just a ‘mode of transportation’ in India. Rather it is a ‘Vehicle of Expression’.Image credit source: Pixabay

Two wheelers, they are the ones that drive the economy of India. No-no, we are not talking about the growth of the companies that make them, but they are telling their importance in the lives of the people who run them. They are the ones who brought economic freedom in the lives of the people before the economic liberalization came in the country. If you want, take a look around you and see…

In India, scooter or motorcycle is not just a means of transport, but also a means of livelihood for crores of people. There is a sign of economic empowerment of the people. Somewhere they are useful in delivery of goods from gas cylinders at home to shops, and somewhere they are used in selling Kachoris to Rajma rice with a khomcha. Somewhere they assure the girls of completing their college studies, and somewhere they give a chance to have fun with friends on a trip to the mountains. But why is their charm decreasing now?

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Industry’s cell figures giving testimony

This happened for the first time in 45 years when the year 2019 saw a huge decline in the sales of two-wheelers in the country. It remained in double digit. After this Kovid came and in the next two years their sales decreased from 2.11 crores to just 1.35 crores. Even now the sales of two-wheelers have not improved much.

If you look at the figures of Bajaj Auto, which created a revolution in the country’s auto sector by bringing scooters like ‘Chetak’ and ‘Super’, which won the hearts of people with the advertisement ‘Hamara Bajaj’, its sales fell by 10 percent in 2022. Although in the meantime, new companies making electric scooters like Ola Electric have been formed and are also doing good sales, but it is just like cumin in the camel’s mouth.

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The government is saying that the ‘Taj’ has been snatched away.

Leaving aside the sales figures of the industry, even the government is saying that the sales of 2-wheelers are declining in India. Recently, a report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industrial Affairs was tabled in the Rajya Sabha. It said that during the financial year 2021-22, the crown of being the largest 2-wheeler market in the world has been snatched from India. After this, in 2022-23 as well, it is now in second place in the 2-wheeler market.

If we look at the figures of SIAM, an organization of the automobile industry, then the sale of 2-wheelers fell by 18 percent in the financial year 2019-20. After this, this decline has been 13 percent in 2020-21, 10 percent in 2021-22 and 10 percent in 2022-23. In this way, their sales are continuously falling for the last 5 years.

Hero Splendor became expensive

The biggest factor in the sale of two-wheelers in India is their price. The price of the entry-level motorcycle was around Rs 40,000 in 2019, which has now crossed Rs 70,000. The prices of both Hero Splendor and HF Deluxe, the country’s cheapest motorcycle, are increasing continuously.

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