Son asked Korean woman – Tainu is Punjabi andi? Answer the public bid – Aunty Rocks


Korean महिला से बेटे ने पूछा- तैनु पंजाबी आन्दी है? जवाब सुन पब्लिक बोली- Aunty Rocks

A video of a Korean woman speaking Punjabi is making rounds on the internet. Whoever heard the foreign woman speaking Punjabi in the video was stunned. Alam is that people like to watch the video again and again.

Pakistani-Korean blogger Sungkun Siddiqui and his mother

Image Credit source: Instagram/@desi_korean

Korean Woman Speak Punjabi: on social media these days korean women K’s video has created a lot of buzz. Now brother, why don’t you even make it? The woman has done something like this. Actually, this woman in the viral clip amazing punjabi She is seen speaking. Believe me, watching this clip, you will not feel that you are listening to Punjabi from the mouth of a foreign woman. now this Video After watching ‘Aunty Rocked, Punjabi Shocked’ people are saying.

Sungkun Siddiqi is a Pakistani-Korean blogger. He has recently shared a reel with his Korean mother, which has gone viral in no time. In the video, Sungkun asks his mother- Do you know Punjabi? After this, the manner in which the woman answers them has won the hearts of Insta users. The situation is such that people have even started saying that this Korean aunty speaks better Punjabi than Punjabis. You also watch this video and enjoy.

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Watch the video here, when the Korean woman replied in Punjabi

This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named desi_korean. The user has given the caption, If my mother can speak Punjabi, then you can also speak. This video uploaded on March 26 has become viral on the internet. So far more than 55 thousand people have liked it, while Indian fans have showered their love fiercely in the comment section.

One user commented, ‘Korean Aunty Rocks, Punjabi Shocked.’ On the other hand, another user says, ‘Korean aunty speaks better Punjabi than Punjabis. Really this is a very cute video. Commenting on another user wrote, ‘Your mother is very cute. touch wood.’ Similarly, people are continuously registering their feedback.

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