Sonam Kapoor victim of Troll Troll on NetDunia protests


Sonam Kapoor: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor once again trolls social media. He had to be a troll on Netdunia as he was protesting against the crackdown at 9pm last night. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the entire country to light the entire country for 5 minutes on April 7 at 9 pm. On this day, he said, lighting all the lights in his house, standing on a ceiling, balcony, lighting a lamp, candle or flashlight on a mobile phone or flashing a mobile phone. Modi's plan is to show that we are all in favor of Corona.

But this time like playing the dish last time, many people started tearing up the candle as soon as the candle was misunderstood. This image has been seen everywhere, from north to south. Many go out on the streets to break the bet. Sonam took to Twitter to protest. He writes, 'People are betting. The dogs are scared. Are you thinking of it Diwali? I do not understand anything. ”The actress continued, 'It was all quiet. But now some fools in South Delhi are betting so much that dogs and birds are scared. '

In response to Sonam's tweet, netizens retaliated by tweeting pictures of her Diwali celebrations. In those films, Sonam is celebrating Diwali with her father Anil Kapoor. Many have even asked him, now are not the pets afraid? However, the actress could not say anything else in reply.

In fact, many Bollywood stars have been seen lighting lamps and candles as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi's request. The list includes Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Aliya Bhat, Vicky Tactical and many others.

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