Sonia Gandhi made a big announcement in support of the farmers' movement, do not celebrate your birthday this year


BanglaHunt Desk: Congress leader Sonia Gandhi took a big decision by supporting the farmers' protest against the agriculture bill. Farmers' organizations have called for a nationwide strike in protest of three agricultural bills introduced by the central government. For the past 12 days, a large number of farmers from Punjab and Haryana have been protesting against the central government in and around Delhi.

India is shutting down at the call of farmers

The only demand of the farmers is to cancel the 3 agricultural bills proposed by the central government. Otherwise they will not move from there. Although a five-point meeting of the central government has been organized with the farmers, no solution has been found yet. Although the central government has repeatedly stated that the farmers will benefit from this agricultural bill of the central government, the farmers are adamant about their position. That is why farmers across India have called for a shutdown on Tuesday. Although the shutdown had a partial effect in some places, it did not hit Setuku anywhere again. There are about 17 political parties against the center beside the farmers.

Special forces have been deployed

The police administration in Delhi-NCR is ready to ensure that the India shutdown called by the farmers before the six-point meeting with the central government is completed smoothly. The army has also been deployed so that ordinary people do not have to face any problem during the demonstrations in different places.

Sonia Gandhi took a big decision

Meanwhile, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi stood by the farmers and made a big announcement in support of them. Tomorrow, December 9, is Sonia Gandhi's birthday. But this year he does not want to celebrate this special day of his life in any way. The Congress leader said she would not celebrate her birthday. He has taken this decision after judging the Corona infection on the one hand and the peasant movement on the other.